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LILY Pod is a production of "Love In Later Years" (LILY), an organization dedicated to supporting single adults and later married couples.

In this weekly podcast, Jeff & Cathy Teichert discuss important and relevant topics. They dive deep into the challenges of healing from loss, dating, relationships, parenting, remarriage, and. blending families. They also offer lifestyle tips for the middle aged and beyond. Enjoy monthly interviews with esteemed guests who offer new insights and fresh perspectives.

Podcast episodes are directed towards all beyond the possibility of first marriage in their 20s who seek to find or strengthen love in later years. If you are divorced, widowed, not yet married, or later (re)married with a blended family, this podcast is for you! We also welcome all who enjoy personal growth and enriching relationships to tune in each week.

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Lori Carr - LILY Pod Listener

"When I found LILY Pod, I was grieving the death of my husband of 25 years. Although I wasn't ready to date yet, I decided to start listening and found it validating of my pain and felt encouraged to break free of that pain as I was ready to do so. It helped me think about the kind of person I want to be and to think about the traits I am looking for in a future companion. It provides a lot of practical advice as well. I walk a lot and listening to LILY Pod is like walking with a friend."

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LILY Tube is produced by "Love In Later Years" (LILY) in collaboration with ARK Studios. Our inspirational videos and shorts support and uplift those who have loved and lost, are re-entering the dating world, or have found love later in life and are attempting remarriage and blending families.

As Advanced Certified Family Life Coaches, Jeff & Cathy tackle challenging, hot topics related to healing from divorce, personal development, spiritual matters, dating, relationships, single parenting, (re)marriage, blending families, and lifestyle.

If you are divorced, widowed, not yet married, or remarried and blending a family, this YouTube channel is for you! We also invite all who enjoy personal growth and enriching relationships to tune in each week. With 100's of videos and shorts already released, there are abundant viewing options.

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