About Love In Later Years, est. July 2020

Love In Later Years (LILY) was created to support single adults and later married couples who desire intentional and loving relationships that last.

"Later" includes anyone beyond the possibility of traditional first marriage in their twenties. Love tends to get more complicated after that. We explore those dating and relationship complexities.

If you are divorced (or in the process of divorce), widowed, or over 30 and not yet married, you are in the right place!

Meet Jeff & Cathy Teichert

We Are Single Life & Relationship Coaches

Helping single adults intentionally heal from relationship loss to create happy lives and healthy relationships.

We look forward to meeting with you 1:1

and serving you personally!

About Jeff & Cathy, est. May 2018

Jeff Teichert & Cathy Butler Teichert married in the Provo City Center Temple on May 11, 2018 and are the parents of a blended family: including four handsome sons, one lovely daughter-in-law and two precious grand-daughters.

Jeff is a partner attorney with the Salt Lake City Law Firm Spencer-Willson. Cathy is a professional violinist with her quartet, Strings of Elegance and Suzuki Violin Teacher with Cathy's Violin Studio.

Jeff & Cathy are co-authors of the Amazon best-seller Intentional Courtship: A Mid-Singles Guide to Peace, Progress, and Pairing Up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Together they founded Love in Later Years (LILY) which serves and supports single adults seeking peace, healing, and more joyful relationships.

Jeff and Cathy are both Advanced Certified Life Coaches and each hold Bachelors' degrees in Family & Human Development. Personal backgrounds with divorce, single-parenting, mid-single dating, remarriage and blending families, make Jeff & Cathy uniquely qualified to work with those in similar situations as they provide Single Life & Relationship Coaching for single adults --navigating everything from divorce to remarriage.

They produce inspirational podcasts on LILY Pod and videos on LILY Tube. They also lead an uplifting and encouraging Facebook Group for singles (& later married couples). Jeff writes weekly articles for Meridian Magazine Singles Column. You can also find them on Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Love In Later Years: 4 Ways to Move from Pain to Empowerment

You CAN Find Love in Later Years

Finding love in later years is “complicated” – according to one Utah couple. Now, after their own experiences, they are exploring a relationship dynamic we don’t talk about much: marriage and dating for those over 30 looking for marriage and lasting love.

Jeff and Cathy Teichert met and married later in life – after previous divorces, and both wondering if they would ever find love again. Now they are helping others navigate the world of second chances.

Their book, Intentional Courtship: A Mid-Singles Guide to Peace, Progress and Pairing Up is a unique resource for a unique audience.

Jeff and Cathy are both certified life coaches and can help people through this process of finding love.

Finding Love in Later Years

Jeff had a point in his life where it felt he was living in a tragedy. It seemed everything was going wrong. He was laid off from a corporate job and facing divorce for the second time — these events opened space for meeting and marrying Cathy and unexpectedly landing a dream job. Had these things not happened, he might still be running oil and gas titles in east Texas instead of advising the Governor and the Legislature about important constitutional issues (and now working as a partner in the prestigious SLC law firm Spencer-Willson, PLLC).

After her divorce, Cathy explains she felt pain in her chest so deeply she truly wondered how it was humanly possible to survive it. “I didn’t see myself ever being happy again,” she says. Divorce is very painful, but Jeff and Cathy want to empower people in that situation to feel capable of finding love. They share a four-step process to dealing with the pain of divorce, to empowering yourself to find love again.

Seek Peace - They say you have to find forgiveness and let go of what’s lost, accept what is, and take steps to overcome fear and trauma. Nearly all divorces lead to some emotional trauma.

Keep Growing - Be willing to self-reflect and change for the better, intentionally creating joy and goodness. Become a happy person! “One of the best things I did to prepare myself for remarriage was to do empowering things, like going back to my maiden name, finishing up professional training, and buying my own home,” says Cathy.

Create Connection - Vulnerability and authenticity are the keys to creating connection and eventual commitment.

Rediscover Hope - Most importantly, Jeff and Cathy want to let others know that there is hope following divorce. Jeff says “our greatest blessings come out of what we thought were tragedies.”

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