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We offer open enrollment for these membership groups three times each year, for one full month BEFORE each new term starts (Dec/Apr/Aug):



FALL TERM (Sept-Dec)

Each 4-month term provides a membership login for recordings of sessions and bonus content associated with each month's focus.


Knights of the LILY: Exclusive Coaching Group for MEN

Join our exclusive coaching group for MEN who are intentionally creating a strong foundation for their relationships and becoming confident leaders in all aspects of their lives. This group provides an effective space to collaborate with like-minded men during "Roundtable" Zoom discussions. Communicate with your fellow knights between sessions to get support and encouragement as life is happening. You will have Jeff Teichert available as YOUR COACH for one low, all-inclusive price.


LILY Ladies: Exclusive Coaching Group for WOMEN

Join our exclusive coaching group for WOMEN who are intentionally nourishing their mind, body, and spirit individually and collectively. This group provides a safe and loving space to talk face-to-face by Zoom with compassionate like-minded women. Communicate with your "Ladies in Waiting" between sessions to seek support as life is happening and to collaboratively work on our monthly focus. You will have Cathy Butler Teichert as YOUR COACH for one low, all-inclusive price.

Testimonials from Happy Group Coaching Members


Meg Corey

I have really enjoyed LILY Ladies group coaching and working with Cathy over the past year. She asks questions to understand better what one is trying to say and to narrow down the issue. It is helpful because many times we might try to think through an issue and having her asking pointed questions helps to pull us out of habitual patterned thinking. She is caring and encouraging. It has helped to have a group of ladies to be fully open and vulnerable with in a safe environment. I am fairly self motivated for change but it has helped me to be in this group and have kind accountability.


Brian Habel

After reading Intentional Courtship (which I've referred to several times as a source book for how to prepare for marriage the second time around), talking directly to the co-author, Jeff Teichert, has been so helpful. He authoritatively asserted that if you've got buy-in from your partner then why couldn't you arrange for things that are important to you in your relationship? It just made sense to me and affected how I dated moving forward. To avoid problems in my next marriage that could arise without those intentional agreements, I have started having those conversations more directly.

In attending Knights of the LILY roundtables, I have been uplifted in a place where we as men are actually free to share anything that concerns us. Thank you Knights and Jeff for supporting us so thoroughly. Hold out for your dreams, confidently believe in them, and implement the strategies you learn - this group will help you accomplish them!


Kristi Eldredge

I have been involved with coaching in the LILY Ladies group for a little over a year now and I love it. There is a closeness there as well, which is something I needed. I have grown in so many ways it’s difficult to list. I am definitely a stronger woman now than I was at the beginning. The support is great and one-of-a-kind. It’s been better for me than counseling ever was. I definitely recommend this avenue of help. Thanks Cathy for doing this group!


David Howard

I found Jeff and Cathy Teichert in August of 2022​ (1 year before writing this). My divorce was almost finalized and I was trying to heal from the devastating loss of a 35 year marriage. I didn’t know if I ever wanted to remarry. I was deeply hurt and​ had already tried all I could to get back on my feet emotionally and socially. I had a great therapist that helped a lot but found I needed additional support.

That’s when I joined Knights of the Lily. It was here that I found the support I was looking for and gained the confidence that there was a lot of life left to live joyfully. It also didn’t matter that I was in my mid 60s. This group provided a safe space for us to be open and honest with what was going on in our lives and help us process our trauma and move forward. I found men here that were willing to love and support and understand me. Encouragement was ample and freely given. I remember saying in the group one evening last fall that this is what our quorum meetings should be like at church.

I have now been able to move on with my life with a wonderful companion (recently married)! We are so excited for the life we get to build together. Life has never been brighter and more promising, due in part to my association with Jeff and Cathy and the many fine men I meet with monthly. If you find yourself single, no matter your age and in need of support, I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff and Cathy, their book Intentional Courtship and their monthly ​group coaching sessions.

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